INDRICO 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board with Fuse Indicator for Heavy Duty PVC White Pack of 1


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Materials Used: INDRICO 16-amp extension board multi outlets is built with 1 branded ISI marked 16A/20A sockets attached with 1 branded ISI marked 20A Switch. This 15-amp extension box is made of unbreakable white PVC. This contains 3 core pure copper wire of 1/1.5/2.5 mm ISI marked full gauge. Internal wiring is 1.5/2.5mm single core. This power cords are attached with 16A branded ISI 3 pins plug. It has LED indicator to indicate power supply. It comes with 20A surge protector. Ready to use.
Uses: This Indrico 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board protects you and your children from electrical shock because it has safety shutters. This 16-amp extension board anchor is perfect choice for AC, refrigerator, microwave, induction cooker, washing machine, electric iron, mixer grinder, TV, Computer or any other home appliances under 1200 watts for 1 mm/2200 for 1.5mm wire/3500 for 2.5 watts.
Advantage: This 16-amp extension board anchor with surge protector is a assembled product hence you can replace every components of it. All the accessories can be easily available in online and offline markets. So it is repairable. It has safety shutter. This extension box contains fuse as auto cut function.
Dimension: The dimension of the product is 5 inch X 3 inch X 2 inch. Made in India. Ready to Use. Pvc Unbreakable, White colour body.
Package Contains: 1 pc of 16 amp extension board, 3 pins cable attached with board (Length vary according to product variation), Warranty card, 2 pcs screws, 2 pcs pvc bullets.
Note: The colour of the cable may vary according to availability. It can be white/black/grey.

INDRICO 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board with Fuse Indicator for Heavy Duty PVC White Pack of 1 749.003,699.00
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INDRICO 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board with Fuse Indicator for Heavy Duty PVC White Pack of 1
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What is an extension board?

An extension board, also known as a power strip, is a device that allows you to connect multiple electrical devices to a single wall outlet. It essentially expands the number of available outlets by providing several sockets on a single cord.

Does an extension board use electricity?

No, the extension board itself doesn’t use electricity. It acts as a conductor, channeling the electricity from the wall outlet to the devices plugged into it. Only the devices themselves will consume power.

How many devices can I plug into an extension board?

This depends on the power rating of the extension board, typically measured in watts or amps. It’s crucial not to overload the board by exceeding its capacity. Generally, you can safely connect 5-6 devices like phone chargers, lamps, or fans. Avoid plugging in high-powered appliances like refrigerators or air conditioners unless the board is specifically rated for such use.

Is it safe to use extension cords with extension boards?

For safety reasons, it’s generally not recommended to plug an extension cord into another extension cord (daisy chaining). This can significantly increase the risk of overloading and potential fire hazards.

What safety features should I look for in an extension board?

Look for features like:

  • Surge protection: This safeguards your devices from sudden voltage spikes that can damage electronics.
  • Overload protection: This automatically cuts power if the total wattage exceeds the board’s capacity.
  • Individual switches: This allows you to turn off power to specific outlets without unplugging the entire board.
  • Grounded outlets: These provide a path for any stray current to flow, reducing the risk of electric shock.

How can I use an extension board safely?

  • Never overload the board. Check the wattage rating and avoid exceeding it.
  • Don’t use damaged extension boards with frayed cords or loose plugs.
  • Avoid placing the board near heat sources or wet areas.
  • unplug the board when not in use for extended periods.

INDRICO 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board with Fuse Indicator for Heavy Duty PVC White Pack of 1

Want to protect your electronic gadgets from surge? Do you have a number of appliances that are plugged directly into power outlets?

It’s recommended that you plug your gadgets into a good 15-amp extension board.

Shop online for the INDRICO 16A Combined Electric Multi Outlet Board online in India and save your electronics and accessories from damages caused by power surges.

After a long research in the market, we have made this product. INDRICO 15 Amps Extension Board is a completely Indian Product.

We make this product keeping some point on our mind those are quality, various uses. Now we will discuss about the basis points of this products in below.


The INDRICO 16a Extension Boards provides power to your Heavy duty and Normal appliances & gadgets like Heater, Heat Exchanger, Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave, Oven, Television, Music System, Clothing Iron, Pressure Washer, Dish Washer, Dryer, Computer PC, Laptop, Drill Machine, Cutter Machine, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Toaster, Cooler, Music Instruments, Chargers and all Types of Peripherals and Machines.

Heavy Duty wire cord cable:

Heavy duty 100% Copper Wire cord with ISI Certified with correct thickness. Use of fire-resistance PC shell, 100% great heat dissipation copper wire.

Easy to maintain: 

Not all plastic extension or spike guards are repairable but INDRICO 15a Extension Boards are fully repairable and every part is available easily in offline and online markets.

Why You Choose:

  • Strong internal wiring
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Safety shutter.
  • Fuse 20A auto cut function.
  • ISI certified 3 core Heavy Duty copper Wire with Anchor 3 pin Power plug.
  • Load Capacity up-to 1200/2200/3500 Watts, Operating Current 220-240 Volts
  • Industrially Tested from past 10+ years.

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  1. Santosh

    Good quality and heater works nicley

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